Orkney Series

Northern Stone 90x60cm
Brough of Birsay 80x80cm
Bay of Skail 60x60cm
Skara Brae 60x60cm sold out



Coigach 60x78cm
Gairich 46x55cm sold out
Am Monagh 60x60cm
Kinloch 60x76cm
Ben Chabhair 60x60cm
Carn nan Gabhar 30x30cm



Spring Lane 82x60cm
Alphin Pike 60x60cm
Dark Peak 74x100cm
Swineshaw Reservoir 60x60cm
Diggle Winter 82x60cm sold out
Shelf Moor 80x80cm
Pennine Way 60x60cm
High Neb 45x48cm sold out
Broadstone Hill 60x60cm sold out
Golden Plover 40x40cm
Binn Green 33x30cm


North Yorkshire Moors

Rosedale Head 60x60cm
Lilla Cross 20x20cm
East of Elmet 60x90cm
North Sea 48x84cm
Stump Cross 20x20cm
Kilburn White Horse 30x27cm
North Sea Holes 46x46cm


Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria

Maiden Castle 60x84cm Sold out
Ingleborough 30x30cm
Nine Standards 60x84cm Rigg Sold out
Surrender Bridge 32x32cm
White Scars 30x30cm
Downathwaite 60x60cm
Southerscales 30x30cm
Carrock Fell 60x60cm Sold out



Skellig Michael 80x90cm
Dunghain 60x60cm
Lower Village -Blasket 60x60cm

All prints are made in small editions*, hand printed and signed by the artist and are available for sale, prices start at £150 and go up to £600 for unframed prints depending upon size. Prints can be framed by the artist and delivery costs negotiated depending upon distance.

*The editions are of original signed prints hand printed by the artist, the edition size is usually a maximum of 10 prints and can sell out quickly, please enquire about availability. There also may be new prints available not yet on the website.


For any further information please contact:  info.woodcut@yahoo.co.uk